About Me

Hi, my name is Ovik Banerjee. I’m a college grad (Go Tar Heels!) with degrees in biology and environmental science hailing from LA (lower Alabama). I am a Swiss Army Knife for the Downtown Project, an opportunity made possibly by being a part of the first class of Venture for America Fellows.

I’m passionate about the environment, sustainability, access to opportunity, entrepreneurship, frisbee, soccer, community, connections, the movement of information, the Green Bay Packers, and the Alabama Crimson Tide (UNC doesn’t need to be mentioned again since it was mentioned in the first sentence). This a site with my musings and thoughts, along with updates in my life (as riveting as those may be).

Also, disclaimer, these thoughts, ideas, reflections, and musings are my own personal ones, and in no way reflect the views of any of the organizations or companies that I work for or may be affiliated with.


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