Bronze Cafe

Went the the Bronze Cafe at the Center for lunch earlier this week. It is located Downtown, but is probably one of the most isolated restaurants down here at the moment, but it does have a constant stream of visitors because of other programming there. It also isn’t the focus of the space, as demonstrated by the size of the space and the offerings, but it is still one of my favorite places to eat in Vegas.

You can see the cafe as soon as you walk in the doors of the Center. I’m always surprised at how small it is. Service may not be the fastest if you order something that isn’t one of the salads. The times I’d been before, I went with the LGBTQ sandwich (it has BACON JAM!). This time I switched it up and got a chicken caesar salad and split a virginia is for lovers cookie/brownie.

Caesar Salad

Virginia is for Lovers

Virginia is for Lovers

The salad was great. It was pre-packaged, so you had to mix it yourself and add in the dressing and crutons. More than filling, and it made me feel slightly better about getting the Virginia is for Lovers (don’t remind me the ceasar salads are not particularly healthy), which is an amazing marriage between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie.
Rating- 4.5/5 Food and service is great. Only ding is for having pre-packaged salads.
Price range – Cheap/Medium. Entrees are right around $10 bucks, with sides slightly cheaper if you get an entree, and fairly priced baked goods.
Location – Downtown, Maryland and Clark
Recommendation – Definitely worth going to. Repeatedly.  It has some amazing vegan/vegetarian options. Quality of the food is superb. And awesome staff.

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