Poppy Den (Take 2)

Rambled back to Poppy Den. For those of you keeping score at home, you know I wasn’t too impressed last time I went. Went for dinner this time, and went with friends, so this might have skewed the results. Sat outside, and the company and the scenery was great.

Friends at Poppy Den

Outdoor Scenery

One thing that is nice about this place is that their happy hour actually goes until 7, a full hour later than most happy hours. That nudged me into ordering the $5 Crsipy Pork Dumplings with garlic Sriracha vinagrette (normally $11) to go along with the Roasted Duck Breast with Poppy Honey and roasted bok choi. My friends got the Miso Salmon, Kimchi Fried Rice (one with sausage and one with it on the side, which I ate), and edamame. We also ended up splitting the tiramisu between three of us as well. No pictures of the dumplings, but they were worth the $5, not sure they would have been worth the full price though (although the portions may have also been smaller for the happy hour price).

Roasted Duck Breast with Poppy Honey and roasted Bok Choi

Roasted Duck Breast with Poppy Honey and roasted Bok Choi

My main course was really good, portioned just enough that I was full when I finished my meal, but not stuffed. The big plates were also made for sharing, pre-portioned into fairly large pieces. The duck was served medium rare, and was cooked really well, as was the bok choi, which wasn’t as charred as much as I would have liked (but now I’m nit picking). I tried a little of the Kimchi Fried Rice as well, and liked it too, though that is definitely a side dish and not a main course. The Miso Salmon was also really good. The tiramisu was different from the traditional preparation, served in a small mason jar and topped with “chocolate krispies” but it was pretty good. All in all, this was a much better experience than last time. Total cost (was split 3 ways equally, instead of proportionally) was $32.00 including tip.
Rating- 4.5/5 Ambiance was very different and service was much better. In fact, the waitress might have been too friendly, because she kept getting drawn into other conversations! Food was really good.
Price range – Medium/Expensive. $15-$25 entrees.
Location – Summerlin, Tivoli Village
Recommendation – Definitely worth going to for dinner! Might give lunch a pass though.

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