Poppy Den

Wandered down to Summerlin after hiking Ice Box Canyon and stopped at Poppy Den on my way home. It is another restaurant in Tivoli Village, and has a really interesting decor. Iron Horse sculpture and Buddha fountain on the outdoor patio. We sat in a booth and one downside was the fact that there was really only one person working the entire restaurant. He was working the bar, was the host, and was the server for the indoor and outdoor areas. Might have been lightly staffed because it was Labor Day.

Poppy Den

I went with the BBQ Babyback Ribs Sandwich, but the mini deal that had a smaller sandwich, Poppy Chips, and a side salad. The food was okay, and a minor quibble was that with the way it was arranged, the bread got soggy because of the salad dressing. Minor quibble. The Poppy Chips were sweet potato, which were alright. The sandwich itself was good, though I think it might have been better without the slaw. Some things were lacking, but the price was good, $14 (including tax and tip, no drinks).

Rating- 3.5/5 Service was lacking just in terms of numbers and the good wasn’t anything to write home about.
Price range – Medium. $10-20 entrees.
Location – Summerlin, Tivoli Village
Recommendation – I’m going back, because I’ve heard too many good things, but definitely going to try dinner this time. Lunch is just okay.

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