Delving into the blogging world again

As the title says, it has been a while. As in the last time I blogged, it was on Xanga (Does anyone else remember Xanga?). Or, I think it was Xanga. What’s new this time you ask? Well, I am no longer in high school (or in college for that matter, yikes!), I have been to a few new places, I’ve made some fantastic friends, been fortunate enough to have some really amazing experiences, and I am now a lot more political (sorry, not sorry). 

So what does this blog have in store? A collection of things. Thoughts, experiences, and recollections of the past (including but not limited to Ecuador, the Galapagos, UNC, or my recent trip to Tanzania). What is going on in my life now, which may or may not include playing SimCity in real life if I am lucky. And whatever is on my mind at this current point and time (hopefully allowing further discussions to take place because if you know me, you know I have this amazing ability to think about nothing the vast majority of the time). Full disclosure, this blog will also contain a rather absurd number of side notes and parenthetical statements. Is that open-ended enough? It is for me, and if you don’t like it, tough. My blog, my rules. A real post may be coming later tonight. Right now, the most pressing matter on my mind is dinner (being graciously made by my little brother/room-mate for the last week and next two weeks).


2 thoughts on “Delving into the blogging world again

  1. Aah Xanga…wow, memories. I’m happy to see you blogging and I hope you have a blast doing it. I’ve got one as well (obviously), however if you’re looking for any organizational inspiration I would not visit it 😉 Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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