The (real world) journey begins

First day of training camp. No big deal. Just the weight of the world on our shoulders. Okay, perhaps being a little melodramatic. But I think that saying tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life has never been truer. 

Initial impressions?

1) I am so thankful I had a month off between graduation and training because training is going to be a handful. But that’s what we get for trying to cram 2-3 years of real world experience into 5 weeks.

2) Getting to know the other Fellows is going to be awesome. 

3) I’m not going to sleep again for the next five weeks…

4)  I am so excited to get started. Yes, the next few weeks are going to be crazy. But they are going to prepare me to down a path that hadn’t been anywhere near my radar even a year ago.


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