Two weeks this time

Updates have been few and far between, but should hopefully come a little faster now. They won’t be coming any slower at the least. Some minor to major life-updates, listed in a somewhat a slightly chronological order.

1) Drove across the country from Alabama to Las Vegas in three days and didn’t spend a night in a hotel along the way (thanks Scott and Ariana and respective families).
2) Played in a small poker tournament and was 2 away from the money
3) Slid down a water slide that went through a shark tank
4) Found a place to live
5) Went to a Real Madrid soccer game and had VIP tickets for free
6) Sweated profusely every day (it is 93 right now and it is 2:30 in the morning. Thank goodness it isn’t humid)
7) Went to a burlesque show for free
8) Was mistaken to be a part of a couple numerous times while walking around/furniture shopping
9) Gained a new first cousin, once removed, so I am sort of an uncle?
10) Had my first day of work for my first full-time job
11) My grandmother passed away
12) Attended a Zappos All Hands “Meeting” (the quotes are there because that was the most fun I have ever had at a meeting)
13) Left my apartment at 12:30 to go in search of a shooting star and found many (whoo Perseids!)


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