Not knowing what I want to know

Curiosity has always been a constant companion of mine. From when I was very young and destroyed the binding of my favorite Animal Encyclopedia to agonizing over which courses to take in college to answer my endless questions. According to the little clicker, I read over 400 NYTimes articles a month, but at the same time, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. There is no way for me to learn everything that I want to, and I have not come to terms with that. I know that I will continue to learn as I progress through my life, but now, as I start a new career, I don’t know what my focus should be on. I am incredibly fortunate to be working for a company that emphasize continual learning. I am equally fortunate to be a part of a fellowship program that also will foster reading and discussion over the next couple of years. But I have not yet deciphered what I should be reading other than that.

Beyond the news articles, the twitter stories, and the time-sucking but vastly entertaining posts of Thought Catalog, where else do I go? The Daily Good and The Good Men Project are also good, and in my eyes, must reads, and I want to re-start my habit of reading Time Magazine every week. With all of these articles, do I even have time to have a social life, let alone read actual books? If by some miracle I do find time to read, do I read books about education for my job? Or should I stay true to my interests in medicine or public health? I still am pretty ignorant about the economy, but I don’t want to fall behind on what is going in with everything related to sustainability and climate change either. And that is ignoring the realm of fiction all together.

I have come to accept the fact that I will not know everything that I want to know. But a little direction would be helpful to let me decide what to read next.


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