A work post?

Despite all of my fun posts recently, I do actually have a job in Las Vegas. I’m just in the growing pains phase. I’m working with the Education team, and the goal is to have an early childhood center up and running approximately one year from now. So, no big deal, right? So how do I, a recent Biology and Environmental Science grad, contribute in an area that I have no experience in, other than attending Green Valley Baptist Church and Kindergarten 17+ years ago? By reading as much as I possibly can to attempt to catch up to speed and contribute in areas where I do have experience (financial modeling anyone?). This may not be where I expected to end up, but in some ways, there is no other position I could have that could have as great an impact. The converse of that is that there is no other place where I could potentially mess up as badly. Oh well, as the VFA credo says, “There is no courage without risk.”


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