I was in sixth grade when 9/11 happened. I was sitting in history class when we first started watching the footage. My best friend at the time got checked out of school. I was at the age, or, at least the maturity level, to ask him why the next day (He responded rather snarkily). I remember that day vividly, but I think I have been shaped more by what has happened since then. 11 is just too young to know any better, but looking back, I can tell how my life has been influenced by that day, which is in many ways, our generation’s Pearl Harbor. I’m definitely thinking of all of those that lost their lives in the attacks, those that lost their lives trying to help, those that have lost their lives in the conflicts that have come about in part because of that act, those who are suffering from health effects from being involved in the rescue, and all of those people who are tangentially influenced by them. 

May we never forget. 


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