From drought to flood

One of the best things about my job though is that we don’t just have narrow focuses, at least not as VFA Fellows. We have our teams that we spend the majority of our time with, but as part of our role, we also get to take on side projects. I jumped on board at the chance to experience another new thing (does anyone else see a trend in what I do?) and found myself as the point person of a transitional community space. What exactly does that mean? I’m not sure anyone knows. I know that I’ve got a budget, a general time frame, a set of tasks to accomplish, and a vague vision of what we want the end product to look like. Other than that: free reign. Within reason of course. I still have lots to learn, and get to dive into a bunch of new aspects to the project. Construction, licensing, small business, electricity, plumbing, scheduling, logistics, recruiting, and security are all on my to do list. So just another adventure here in Vegas. Speaking of adventures, things that I’ve done for my job recently:

Table surfed in the back of a Mercedes SUV.
Went on patrol with some Guardian Angels.
Was at a round table meeting with Don Graves, the Executive Director of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
Met the Founder of the Guardian Angels.
Pretended to be an amateur plumber and electrician.
Planned a signature initiative
And various other things.


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