On a personal note

Still ridiculously busy with many different things, but there are a few things that I’ve done recently that I’m happy about:

Every night before I go to bed, I unplug and read a physical book for 30 minutes.
Trying to eat healthier/cook more. But I cooked on Sunday, and didn’t have leftovers today because of access to free food… A good problem to have I guess?
That exercise thing. Though the half marathon is in three weeks. It isn’t going to end well. But I’m going to finish!
Had some difficult conversations, but ones worth having.
Watch documentaries on Netflix more regularly.

Things I need to do?
More work
Write these papers
More consistent exercising.


2 thoughts on “On a personal note

  1. I either didn’t know or forgot that you’re running a half marathon. How exciting! Maybe we can run together over Christmas break… assuming you’re not too fast for me!

    • Yeah, running might be a very generous way of describing what is going to happen with that. Considering I had started training, stopped because of the conference, and then haven’t really started again.

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