MOzen Bistro

The last of my restaurant week restaurants, (I also went to Culinary Dropout for lunch) MOzen Bistro is located in Mandarin Oriental and was a little bit of an adventure to get to. I hadn’t been to that hotel before, and didn’t realize you had to park in the Aria self park to get there, so ended up doing valet instead (thank goodness Vegas has mostly free valet, right?). Walking in, I was amazed to not see gaming, which doesn’t happen with many properties on the Strip. The space was nice (as you would expect from a place like that) and the view was nice, though not as good as the view from Olives. I went with the prefixed menu and got the following in a bento-box like presentation:

Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Masago Hand Roll And Laab Gai Chicken, Thai Relish And Lettuce Wrap.
Tandoori Salmon With Mint Sauce, Miso Mustard Angus Striploin And Truffle Butter Naan.
Ginger Panna Cotta, Pepper Streusel, Pear Coulis And Pear Ginger Gelee

Bento Box Style

Bento Box Style

It was all really good. I’ve had tandoori fish before, but this was the first time I’d ever had tandoori salmon. And I might be biased, but I though the sirloin was really good too. I’m generally not too impressed by cuts of beef that I get in places, and was really happy with two in consecutive days this week. The naan, incidentally didn’t have butter, which made it better in my eyes and the hand roll was good (from what little I know about sushi). The desert was the most disappointing thing on my plate, but it wasn’t bad. Moreso the rest was really good. All in all, it was a fantastic meal, all for less than $40 (including tax and tip, no drinks).

Rating- 5/5 The only bad things I could say about this place are incredibly nitpciky.
Price range – Pricey – $20 entrees. But a steal for restaurant week. Incredibly good deal for restaurant week.
Location – Strip
Recommendation – Definitely worth going to check out if you have the budget. And worth saving up for once in a while if you don’t. I might go back for the brunch which a lot of people have recommended.

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