Free time, a double edged sword

Short post today, even though I skipped yesterday.

Today, I tried to be productive. I really did. I woke, with the full intention of working on codecademy, crunching some numbers in excel, prepping for my presentation on Monday, and doing some peer evaluations. 

Instead I woke up late, had a leisurely breakfast, made a spontaneous beach trip, and went to a movie (Moonrise Kingdom, definitely worth seeing). Tomorrow won’t be much better since I am already planning on a fun lunch, watching the EuroCup Final at a pub, playing kickball/softball with some fellow Fellows, and may be going to karaoke. 

Why do all of these things? Trying to find that balance. Working hard over the week means the weekend feels like it has to be enjoyed. And the enjoyment means putting of until tomorrow what can be done today. Which makes the next weeks as busy as the previous week, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle. 

What can be done to break it? No idea. Try to have some fun during the week or resign yourself to 5 incredibly busy days, and 2 days of relative freedom?


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