Borrowed Tim’s basic premise as a skeleton, and wanted to expand more on a couple of personal failures. 

Through misunderstanding and misjudgment, a situation emerged yesterday at VFA Bootcamp. I won’t go into the details, but I will proclaim one thing: I will do anything to make the situation right.

In the times I have found myself in the wrong, I always ponder the most sincere and effective route to reconciliation. Here I know the minimum of what must be done, but I struggle to drive home how sorry I am.

For today, I reaffirm the values that every Fellow here cares so deeply about:

  1. My career is a choice that indicates my values 
  2. There is no courage without risk
    In the situation, there were a number of times that I privately voiced concerns, but never took the initiative to follow up with someone to definitively make sure that everything was kosher. I pushed off responsibility, partially because I didn’t want to make the effort. But partially because I didn’t want to be the one to be perceived as a stickler for the rules. Major failure on my part. I lacked the courage to risk a negative impression.
  3. Value creation is how I measure achievement
  4. I will create opportunities for myself and others
  5. I will act with integrity in all things
    Acting with integrity requires constant evaluation. An inaction is an action in and of itself. Kind of related to point number 2, but I think those were the two areas that I personally failed. 

I will make the rest of camp a testament to my commitment to the credo and everything Venture For America stands for.


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