Roll Tide!

Growing up in Tuscaloosa and being an Alabama fan all my life dictates that I celebrate this moment. Also, I’m thankful on behalf of all the people I work with, because I would not have been a happy camper at work tomorrow if the Crimson Tide had lost.

Back in Vegas. Until Saturday at least. And, interestingly enough, I can say that I’m back at home. Funny how 5 months in a new place can do that. It has been a good week, getting back into the swing of things in Vegas, but also taking the time to explore. I had the bright idea to drive out to Death Valley for the night on Thursday to see the meteor shower (to be fair, I had friends that were already there that had the tent set up and everything). Right when I got there, I got a text from a good friend telling me that a family member of their’s may have a life-threatening health condition. Needless to say, I appreciated that spectacular view of an unblemished night sky a little more than I normally would. Made me re-commit to enjoying life’s little moments. I think I do a decent enough job of it for the most part, but a few reminders like that hit that point home.

Doing good on some of my New Year’s Resolutions.

1) Blogging today. Working on my two other blogs.
2) Drove to Death Valley for the night on Thursday. Also went to Valley of Fire yesterday.
3) Working on it. Kinda/sorta
4) Read Behind the Beautiful Forevers. 3/4 of the way done with the Signal and the Noise.
5) Talked to three old friends in one week!
6) Work in progress. Will start up again when I get back from India.
7) See #6


One thought on “Roll Tide!

  1. James couldn’t figure out why I was so invested in the national championship, since I’m not a big Bama fan. I had to explain the happiness of my parents and many friends (including you) depended on it!

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