Monkeying Around

Off to India tomorrow for a wedding (thankfully not my own). Realized within the last 6 months I have driven from Providence to Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill to Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa to Vegas, Vegas to Yellowstone (and back), Vegas to Zion (and back), Vegas to Vancouver BC (and back), Vegas to Death Valley (and back), and Vegas to Valley of Fire (and back). Also flown Vegas to Chapel Hill and back, Vegas to Birmingham and back, and as of tomorrow, Vegas to Delhi and back. Part of me is tired after writing that. Another part of me wouldn’t have it any other way. No major trips planned after India though, minus a weekend back in Blue Heaven. In the mean time, I’ll find ways to entertain myself around my new home, like taking trapeze lessons.

Hanging Out

No Hands

Interestingly enough, it was harder for me to jump off the platform for trapeze than it was to jump out of a plane to go skydiving or off of a bridge to go bungee jumping. Go figure. I think it was because after jumping off in trapeze, I was expected to do things other than free fall. Probably won’t update next week as I’ll be in India, but I think my cousin’s wedding takes precedence.


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