India in a nutshell and other updates

So India was kind of awesome. Although there was way too much traveling involved and not nearly enough sleep. 30+ hours of travel in both directions, my method of avoiding jet lag was to simply not sleep one the trips at all, didn’t sleep before 3 am a single night I was in India, and there were multiple nights without sleep, period. Small wonder that I was on the cusp of getting sick when I got back, so I tried to avoid that as much as I could by drinking copious amounts of hot tea and dealing with one of my busier weeks of work that I have had upon my return. The trip itself was notable for me for a number of reasons, some new, and some not so much.

1) Household servants are still an issue I’m not completely comfortable with
2) This was the first wedding I attended where I genuinely cared about one of the parties involved (don’t get me wrong, I love my two other cousins whose weddings I’ve been to, but there is kind of a big age gap there)
3) This was the first time I had gone back to India since my grandmother had passed away. Again, different from going back to India for the first time since my grandfather had passed away because I hadn’t been as close to him and I was a lot younger when that had happened. Also, I’m pretty sure my grandmother easily wins the competition when it comes to the most unconditional love I have ever experienced.
4) Shortest trip I had ever taken to India. Total of 6 days of actually being in India.
5) Probably the first time I had seen a wedding in India and recognized the ingrained gender constructs with different parts of the ceremony. Also another somewhat unsettling experience.

I’ll talk more about some or all of these things later, mayhaps more extensively. We’ll see what time permits. On to the resolution checks.

1) Sorta yes? Need to do a bit to catch up.
2) Did two things earlier this month, and have a couple of plans for next month.
3) Working on it.
4) Almost to my ideal goal. Not quite there. For anyone who’s interested in seeing what books I’ve been reading, check out my new Recent Reads page. And if you want to get a small snippet of the articles I’m reading, follow me on twitter. That’s kind of all I use twitter and facebook for at this point…
5) 4 friends talked to this weekend! While getting my car cleaned and sort of cleaning my room. Shout outs to Lindsay, Ariana, Ethan, and Joel.
6) Hopefully will start this week.
7) See above.


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