Weekly Review 4/7

What happened last week? Wasn’t fully done for the day until at least 10 every night this week, ran the Spartan Race, had new VFA Fellows come into town to interview, got some new job responsibilities, played catch up, started the Honesty Experiment, and lived vicariously though others as Holi Moli was going in on Chapel Hill .

1) Blog consistently.
Pieces submitted to DTP and GMP. Might be the first month I’ve done both. Got the GMP piece back and have to start from scratch. Typical. Might get around to it later today.

2) Get outdoors.
Spartan Race counts as being outdoors, right? 

3)  Continue to make my position evolve.
Am now in charge of garbage! I might be one of the very few people in the world who is actually excited by that prospect. Time to get to work. 

4)  Read more.
No progress. Working on Friendfluence (still). Reading time is being cut down as I am stuck trying to write things for number 6.

5) Stay in touch with people better.
Talked to Adelaide and Amber (no idea where Gertrude is at the moment). Had a couple of e-mails from some other friends. Looked at my month of May and realized I’m going to be out of town 3 weeks, and have people coming in the other two weeks.

6)Finish up my obligations in Chapel Hill.
Starting again after finishing this. Written at 2. Published later.

7) Run the half or full marathon in Las Vegas this December.
Survived the Spartan Race!

8) Get 7 hours of sleep a night.
Got it. Barely.


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