Weekly Review 6/2

I really had a fantastic week. My trip to NYC is going to get a longer post, but you know when you get something that was exactly what you needed, even though you had no idea that you needed it? That’s what New York was for me this weekend.

Friend’s birthday party on a roof (good food, good company, fantastic scenery, acoustic music), Romotive dinner, had the misfortune to have a racist cab driver to the airport, hung out with VFA peeps, saw Arianna Huffington and Jeff Weiner speak, went to parties, had wafles and dinges with spekuloo (cookie butter, don’t ask me how to describe it other than that), did a literary pub crawl of Greenwich Village, visited Brooklyn, saw the Brooklyn Museum, had some awesome Jamaican food from a whole in the wall, walked way too long to a friend’s place, was re-united with many UNC folks, another rooftop party, saw another friend at a science festival, found a good Ramen place, explored the North Woods of Central Park, read a ton, dinner with friends at Chelsea Market.

Yeah, good week.

1) Blog consistently.
Same as last week. Maybe Definitely not happening with all of this upcoming travel.

2) Get outdoors.
Does Central Park, specifically the North Woods count? I think so.

3)  Continue to make my position evolve.
Same thing. Hit some construction delays (literally) but I really just need to spend some time figuring out what I want. Taking on some other side projects too.

4)  Read more.
Working on Nudge.

5) Stay in touch with people better.
Saw way too many people to count. But it was awesome. I actually think I saw enough that if I were building up credit, I’d be good until the end of the year.

6) Finish up my obligations in Chapel Hill.
Sorta done. Just editing to come my way.

7) Run the half or full marathon in Las Vegas this December.
It didn’t begin last week. Mayhaps and perchance this week after I catch up on sleep.

8) Get 7 hours of sleep a night.
Again, failed miserably. I blame it on travel. But still totally worth it.


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