Went down to the Arts District to try out Mingo. I’d gone to its sister restaurant Mundo when I had first moved here, but somehow had never made it down before today. I’d heard good things, and its location, in Arts Square, was certainly within my neighborhood. Went in, and saw that they had a mixture of indoor and outdoor seating, which is becoming a trend Downtown. Space was clean for the most part (there was some leftover fried rice under the table next to me) and had a unique decor. The menu itself was really entertaining, with hashtags by almost every single item. The offerings on there were eclectic to say the least. I had been expecting a Mexican theme, and though it was sort of present, it was a mixture of a little bit of everything really. 

Notorious P.I.G.  hot dog, pickled jalapeños, horseradish mac & cheese, crispy bacon

Notorious P.I.G.
hot dog, pickled jalapeños, horseradish mac & cheese, crispy bacon

I ordered the Notorious P.I.G., a hot dog, pickled jalapeños, horseradish mac & cheese, crispy bacon. I didn’t order a side, but I left the restaurant full. Which makes sense when you look at how much mac and cheese was on top of the hot dog… My meal was great. Hard to go wrong with all of those ingredients, though I had been a little skeptical of the addition of horseradish into the mix, but it actually really complimented it all very well. Joe ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi tacos and the fresh cut fries. I had a bite of the tacos, and was really impressed. Portions weren’t huge, but they were really flavorful. Really, the only downside was the fries, which we calculated out to be 25 cents a fry (although they were tasty). My meal and tip was $12 including tax and tip.
Rating- 4.5/5 Service was good, food was great for the most part (other than the fries). Wasn’t crowded at all on a Friday lunch.
Price range – Cheap/medium. The small bites were below $10 and entrees got progressively more expensive.
Location – Downtown, Arts Square
Recommendation – Definitely worth checking out! Probably has a really interesting feel for dinner too.

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