Helping Kids Program

Might be a first for me, but might as well spread the word however I can. Shameless plea for money.

Rachel Warbelow is a Teach for America alum and co-founded East Las Vegas’s first college prep program, Scholars Working OverTime, which is basically a charter school within a school. The kids there have 9.5 hour school days every day, and are incredibly eager to work. Rachel had dabbled in html and CSS before going to Dev Bootcamp this summer. At the end of it, she and her team created the SWOTbot, a student data management system for students, teachers, and families. She came back from Chicago and started teaching 3 days later, including teaching computer programming without full time access to computers…
Her students have been writing out code by hand during most of their classes while learning the principles. Despite this lack of access, they’ve already managed to hack into SWOTbot using Chrome DevTools to change their grades (which has been quickly corrected) and been coding at home on Friday nights and sending pictures of it asking why it isn’t working. Not bad after being exposed to coding for the first time a little over a month ago.
Rachel and her team just launched an indiegogo campaign to try and raise enough money for their own computer lab. It’s definitely worth taking five minutes of your time to watch the video. Please consider donating or helping spread the word about the campaign with #swotbot.

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