Weekly Review 2/10

Interesting week. It was a lower key one at work, which I welcomed after the craziness of the two previous weeks. Some things that stuck out (and may or may not be written about when my non-existent free time materializes):

1) Went to a public discussion for the county commission talking about single stream recycling. The things that stood out to me the most were the fact that so much of what the commissioners were doing actually seemed like they were asking questions so that the record would show what their positions were. It was also really apparent that rational ignorance is present at every level, simply because no one person can keep up with everything.

2) Sat in on a couple of conversations and saw the perception that 35K/year isn’t a lot of money. Which is something I honestly hadn’t thought about until seeing other people’s perception of it.

3) Went out to a club on the Strip for the first time. Don’t particularly think that I’m missing out on anything.

4) Went to a music festival on Wednesday and saw a bunch of young people there my age. Shocking.

5) Am pretty certain I would rather have a puppy than kids.

6) Used the area’s bike share for the first time this week. Had a misadventure Wednesday, but no problems on Friday.

7) Saw Anything Goes at the Smith Center. Liked it, but it had a little bit too much just dancing for my tastes.

Resolution Check: 

1) DTP piece should be up this week, GMP pieces being reviewed/edited/in the works. And on schedule for my own stuff.

2) Went on sort of a misadventure to Hoover dam that ended up working out. Dunno if that counts, but am toying around with Death Valley this coming weekend.

3) Making progress. Slowly but surely.

4) Was reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’d recommend reading it, but with a grain of salt, especially if you have already done a lot of introspection/self-awareness stuff. Now reading 2052. Interesting read, but I haven’t really read anything particularly revolutionary yet.

5) Talked to Elizabeth (a different one). I have a lot of quality friends named Elizabeth. And talked about a number of different things.

6) 8 am Saturday phone call with the group. Now to get productive. Hopefully having some accountability will help.

7) Went to frisbee for the first time in months. It was kind of awesome. Indoor tonight. And hopefully running will start this week. Need to catch up on sleep though. Speaking of sleep, that app is going to be really interesting. After calibrating over 5 nights, it says the best sleep I’ve gotten is at 82% efficiency, the worst is 65%, and I’m averaging about 70%. The data nerd in me wants to do the research to see what these numbers actually mean…


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