Weekly Review 2/17

Yeah, this whole writing more regularly thing really isn’t working out. I guess because I’m busy with other fun things? Probably just a manifestation of the fact that I really dislike writing (I know, ironic, right?). Resolution check, hopefully an unrelated update later this week, and probably a belated post next week since I’m headed back to the Thrill this weekend.

1) Sort of ish still happening. I think a problem with blogging for GMP is that it is hard for me to write about something unless I’m really interested in writing it. But, I’ve got a good topic coming up. Should be interesting.

2) Success! Day trip to Death Valley. Well worth the trip and maybe that’ll be another travel post that I write in my non-existent free time.

3) Same as last week.

4) Still reading 2052. I keep getting distracted by other articles.

5) Talked to Ariana and Sumona. And next week I’ll talk to all my Chapel Hill friends in real life!

6) Got slammed with work, so need to try and do more.

7) Hiking and frisbee, yes. Running, no. A running buddy might be back in action though, so maybe that will help that particular avenue.


One thought on “Weekly Review 2/17

  1. Any stories about your job would be greatly appreciated. I’m still trying to get a feel for what your work is like. Glad you’re having fun, though! Death Valley sounds like a great adventure.

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