Weekly Review 3/3

Been a busy two weeks. There’s a lot that has gone on, and should be maybe written down later, but I guess a number of things happened over the last few weeks that left me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

1) Going back to Chapel Hill. It was an awesome feeling to be back, even if I spent half of the day doing interviews. But being in place with so many people who were genuinely excited to see me, seeing the bonds between two classes I had helped select, and seen old friends, was a welcome refresh.
2) Seeing this post in the Huffington Post. Again, I’m incredibly grateful for the people and the community that I’ve found here in Downtown, and am humbled that there are people that are thankful to have me (and 6 good friends) and many more be a part of this adventure.
3) Spending the weekend with one of my oldest friends, and one not as old (but one that will be a friend for life).

1) Sort of ish still happening. I think a problem with blogging for GMP is that it is hard for me to write about something unless I’m really interested in writing it. But, I’ve got a good topic coming up. Should be interesting. Behind on a number of topic, but I want to catch up soon now that things will slow down a little bit.

2) More success! Two hikes at Red Rock this weekend. And one of my favorite pictures ever. Thanks James! Click on it to get the full effect.

Keystone Thrust

Keystone Thrust

3) Same as last week.

4) Finished 2052. And Calories Count. I’m amazingly productive when it comes to just focusing on reading when it comes to reading on panes.Haven’t started a new book yet.

5) So many Chapel Hill friends, though I didn’t get to talk to/see everyone that I wanted to. One weekend wasn’t enough. James and Adelaide just left, and this weekend was a blast.

6) Semi-productive phone call. with a better plan of attack moving forward.

7) Hiking and frisbee, yes. Running, no. Any tips on making running enjoyable for someone who hates running?


One thought on “Weekly Review 3/3

  1. “Any tips on making running enjoyable for someone who hates running?”
    Read the book Born to Run. I had your problem…now I love running. The book is amazing and impossible to put down. Should help you meet your reading goal, too.

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