Weekly Review 3-24

What happened last week? Met with some new folks planning on moving downtown, interacted with some VVIPs, had dinner with some ASB students and a former congressperson, failed miserably at making progress on my article, have had way too much fun playing with two wonderful puppies, blame the puppies for my lack of productivity but increase in happiness, had a staycation, hung out in a Jacuzzi, saw Shrek the musical, and made a couple of new friends. The pooches almost wouldn’t let me write this out either, but I laid down the law.

1) Community, Romotive move, and other things coming up. 

2) Done my March goal, but hope to go out again.

3) Same as last week. Post April should be interesting.

4) Working on Friendfluence

5) Talked to Adelaide, Renee, and Ariana!

6) Started today! Still way behind, but at least I have something going now?

7) Yeah, two weeks from now is going to be brutal. I just looked up the obstacles. At least it is only 8 miles and not 12?

8) New resolution to add. Try and get 7 hours of sleep a night. That NYTimes article was scary talking about health effects. Did it this week! I think?


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