Today started out as a normal day, but ended up a little bit different from what I expected. Work was the usual mish-mash of a million different things. I ran back to the house I am house-sitting to take care of the two dogs before going to a mixer to talk to a bunch of people who will be moving to Vegas over the summer, finished up classroom series, went to a really awesome story-telling event with part of the LGBTQ community here in Las Vegas, and then went to a Seder dinner with friends. The last two events were a little out of the norm, and those were the ones where some of the unexpected things came about.

The theme of the LGBTQ talks was relationships. I walked in halfway though a pansexual couple’s journey over the last couple of years, heard the story of someone who picked his life partner off of the side of the road (who was hitch-hiking) while he was a truck driver (only to spend the next 33 years together), and another man’s journey into his own sexuality after starting a family because his desire for family was more important than anything else. I’m not doing the stories justice, but that’s the point of being there to get the full effect.

I left the event early to go Seder dinner with friends of varying degrees of closeness. And for the umpteenth time since moving here to Vegas, I had the chances to share a meal and good conversation with a room full of people. Not too many people get the chance to have that happen on a regular basis after moving to a new city, but it happens at least weekly. And sitting in a room filled with people from different walks of life, working for different companies, and some of them not knowing each other but forging new friendships, I was again really happy to have this kind of opportunity before me.

Just remembered that I never wrote a thankful for post after Thanksgiving. Just another topic to bring to add to the backlog.


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