Mount Charleston

Yesterday I woke up in the morning, decided I wasn’t going to do anything I had planned on doing, and drove to Mount Charleston for the first time. It seems silly, but for some reason I had never gotten around to going there despite it being so close. I think I was saving it for my first full Vegas summer, but decided I wanted to scope it out ahead of time. So I grabbed some snacks, my coffee thermos, and water and I hit the road.

Funny Mountain

Mountain Lodges

Scenic Overlook

Las Vegas Ski Resort

Overall, it is definitely going to be worth going back to. I didn’t use GPS to get there, and didn’t get a map to keep in my car to know where I was going. It was nice to just get away and wander. The scenery was great, especially on the way down, seeing the contrast between 10,000 foot mountains and the Mojave Desert. Didn’t take any pictures of view going down, but I guess I’ll do that next time. And I’ll also wear more appropriate footwear…

Appropriate Footwear?


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