Catalina Bound

There was much merriment to be had on this trip. It started at the rather unpleasant hour of 5 am (technically earlier because we had to meet the bus then) and then ended at the Catalina Express (with a detour at the Compton Target to buy folding chairs and other essential supplies). The hour long boat ride was beautiful, yet disconcerting with the amount of smog present. But the fresh sea air made it worth it. Although one in our party did suffer from sea sickness.

We arrived on the island, and had a picture perfect view of an island paradise.

Two Harbors

We put all our crap on the back of a truck (thank goodness for that truck, the quarter mile hike would not have been pleasant otherwise. (We had a lot of crap)

Camping Supplies

We arrived and made camp, having a combination of tent cabins and tents. The view, again, was pretty perfect. We almost lost a football to a cactus, I did lose my phone to the Pacific Ocean (moral of the story, don’t do work away from work), I finagled my hammock between two posts and bungee cords, and we spent a night with a good dinner and merriment around a fire preceded by “beach” volleyball. Oh, and it was Jude’s birthday, so happy birthdays and toasts abounded.

Rescuing a football

The next day began with a two hour long breakfast, a crazy hike with wonderful views, and a hidden hammock tree that we almost didn’t leave.


Hammock Tree


But I had a hammock of my own with a great view, and finished 5 books in the process.

Personal Hammock View

The books were read despite other attempts to stop me.

Ducktape Hammock

The night was entertaining with an overly friendly drunk who almost didn’t make it off the island to return. But it was fun even though we ran out of both firewood and libations. But we emerged unscathed.

View from the top

Island Sunset

Sunday was a day of relaxation before coming back to the real word. Definitely want to go back and explore though, since we didn’t make it to Avalon.





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