Weekly Review 7/14

Quotes of the week:

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other.” George Eliot

“It is my deepest belief that only by giving our lives do we find life.” Cesar Chavez

Weird week, not because of events but because of the cadence and being in Providence for the first half. VFA training camp redux was great, awesome to see the 2012ers and staff again, activities could have been a little better, had a lovely time with Virginia on Tuesday night, went through the joy of east to west coast travel and a full-ish day of work, went to the Zappos all hands on Thursday, and the happy hour in the Children’s Museum which was awesome, bailed on a SoCal trip to see Sarah after Jude bailed on me, went skydiving with Jude on Saturday instead, did a disgusting amount of overdue cleaning (the act of cleaning itself was disgusting, not the room), was pumped to see an article on the front page of the NYTimes Business section about VFA, and then spent a good bit of the rest of my weekend with one person traipsing about.

1) Blog consistently.
I’ve got a completion problem. 5ish pieces in the works. Did a newsy one about TFA recently. We’ll see if that gets posted.

2) Get outdoors.
No outdoors. City bound.

3)  Continue to make my position evolve.
Making moves. Mostly in the positive direction.

4)  Read more.
Was reading a library book, Risk Intelligence, which I can’t find at the moment. Hopefully that will be fixed.

5) Stay in touch with people better.
Bailed on seeing Sarah this weekend, couldn’t make the trip myself. Had an awesome time with Virginia on Tuesday night, celebrating her birthday early.

6) Finish up my obligations in Chapel Hill.
Stopped updating and actually wrote off a quick e-mail to my partners in crime to see what the status is.

7) Run the half or full marathon in Las Vegas this November.
Excuse was exhaustion from traveling… Lame. But I bought groceries for the first time in weeks? Oh, and I did play indoor again. So that counts for something, right?

8) Get 7 hours of sleep a night.
Also didn’t happen. This hectic life style is getting a little draining…


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