Weekly Review 8/18

Quotes of the week:

“Worldly wisdom teaches that it is better for the reputation to fail conventionally than to succeed unconventionally.” -John Maynard Keynes

“Idealism is not naivety; it’s the refusal to give up on that which you believe.” – Lara Parker

Tuscaloosa Throwback week. Mass shenanigans. Saw Mystere Monday, had dinner with the family and Vegas Fellows (den mother included) Tuesday, Absinthe Wednesday, whyled out on Friday, and saw the Oneals that day too. The weekend I felt like a real person for a change, stayed in town for a change and got my oil changed, my hair cut, and bought groceries! Also, brunch at Honey Salt. Sometimes it is all about the little things.

1) Blog consistently.
Did not blog. Not sorry about it.

2) Get outdoors.
Not this weekend.

3) Continue to make my position evolve.
Making moves. Although might not be getting rid of Learning Village upkeep.

4) Read more.
Working on Stumbling on Happiness.

5) Stay in touch with people better.
Talked to so many people. Elizabeth, Adelaide, Ariana. And family visited. And my high school AP Biology/Chemistry teacher was in town. And I saw Kene. And the Oneals. So. Many. People.

6) Finish up my obligations in Chapel Hill.
Waiting for the next round of revisions. Still.

7) Run the half or full marathon in Las Vegas this November.

8) Get 7 hours of sleep a night.
My plans for catching up on sleep were somewhat foiled by the fact that I have east facing windows, and not longer have installed window shades. Hooray apartment renovations!


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